Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AGRA Rodeo Co-directors Announced

PHOENIX (Observer Update) - At its monthly membership meeting on March 8, the Arizona Gay Rodeo Association (A.G.R.A.) announced the selection of two co-directors for the RoadRunner Regional Rodeo in 2010.

The A.G.R.A. Board of Directors selected George Immerso and Dan Iversen as co-directors for next year’s event. George has previously served as Assistant Rodeo Director for three years. Dan is a Founding Member of A.G.R.A. and has served the association as Rodeo Director and as President.

During the meeting, George and Dan reminded attendees that the RoadRunner Regional Rodeo will celebrate its Silver Anniversary when the event takes place Presidents’ Day weekend, February 12-14, 2010. A.G.R.A. hosted its first rodeo in 1985, 25 years ago. They also reminded people to stop by the A.G.R.A. booth at this year’s Phoenix Pride Festival, April 18-19. A.G.R.A. will also be participating in the Pride Parade that weekend.

Groups or individuals interested in more information about the upcoming rodeo should contact George Immerso at rrrrodeodir2010@aol.com or at 480-628-4949. They can also contact Dan Iversen at divey73@aol.com or at 602-769-0293.

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