Friday, February 27, 2009

Prop. 8 Candlelight Vigil in Tucson - Mar 4

TUCSON (Observer Update) - The California Supreme Court will hear the Prop 8 case on Thursday, March 5. Across the nation, the evening before, there will be candlelight vigils in support of the right of and fight for marriage equality.

John Allard of Marriage Equality USA stated: "This is a chance for the LGBT population and all supporters of equal marriage rights to come together. Whether you are a couple who was married in California, have friends who were married in California, hope to one day get married in Arizona, or just believe that everyone should be able to have access to the rights and privileges of civil marriage, please come out and support the fight for equal marriage rights."

At the conclusion of the vigil there will be the opportunity for any couple married in California, or joined in any other union to take part in a ‘re-commitment ceremony.' This will serve as a powerful reminder to all in attendance, or driving by, that our relationships have value and our commitment to each other deserves the protection of the 1138 rights granted through civil marriage.

Arizona vigils will be held in both Phoenix and Tucson.

The Tucson event will be held at the United Church of Christ (UCC) of the Painted Hills at 3925 W. Speedway Blvd. from 7pm to 8pm on March 4, in the Ramada area behind the church. Parking is available on site.

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