Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HIV education available to the community

TUCSON (Observer Update) -The Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) announced on Tuesday that it will be expanding its offerings in the Speakers Bureau program. For years, SAAF has offered presentations about the basics of HIV and about life with HIV to the community on a request-by-request basis. Starting in January 2009, SAAF is actively seeking venues to present this crucial information. All community members interested in bringing an HIV-related presentation to a group is invited to call and request a speaker from our diverse group of presenters.

The HIV 101 presentation gives a basic overview of how the human immune system works and how the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) interacts with it. It also covers the basics of transmission, risk reduction and peer advocacy. The presentation can be tailored to fit any audience and can be supplemented with printed materials and/or condoms.

The Living with HIV presentation is given by an individual who currently has HIV/AIDS. It is intended to give a sense of what life with HIV is like, offering a human perspective to an illness that is often portrayed in statistics and other abstract terms. The presentation is designed to combat stigma while simultaneously informing audience members about the realities of HIV.

Potential speaking venues include: Workplaces, Libraries, Community clubs, Senior centers, Community centers, Health and fitness clubs, Schools, Medical institutions and Colleges

Contact Michele Bart, Director of Development, (520) 628-7223 for details or to submit a speaker request.

This event is free and open to the public.

The Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation’s (SAAF) mission is to create and sustain a healthier community through a compassionate, comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS. SAAF is southern Arizona’s largest HIV/AIDS care provider. For more information about SAAF’s programs or services visit www.saaf.org or call (520) 628-7223.

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