Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mighty Mouse Computer Consulting News - Important Update from Microsoft

We received a special partner update yesterday from Microsoft about a vulnerabil­ity in Internet Explorer. They felt this potential security breach was significant enough that they are urging us to communicate with every client about installing the update as quickly as possible. The paragraph below is one we received from Microsoft:

The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if a user views a spe­cially crafted Web page using Internet Explorer. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights. The security update addresses the vulnerability by modifying the way Internet Explorer validates data binding parameters and handles the error resulting in the exploitable condition.

Complete information is available at bulletin/MS08-078.mspx. You can download the correct patch from this page or simply run Windows Updates.

You may be protected already if you are using Firefox as your web browser. You can obtain a copy of Firefox here:

Also, if you’re antivirus software is up to date, you should also be protected.

However, we still recommend you install the patch immediately. If you need assistance with the update process, please call to schedule an appointment. In most cases we will be able to assist you remotely.

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