Thursday, December 18, 2008

Letters to the Editor (1274)


As I sit in a blizzard in the north woods of Arizona I see in the Arizona Daily Star that Denise Duckwiler died.

Denise was at the very first Pride Picnic at Himmel Park with the Kentucky Fried Chicken and a few friends. She worked hard for all our lives and issues. She was part of the women who broke into "alternative" careers in building, painting.... "men's work"... she could be sweet, rowdy, loud, kind, crazy and would always give you the shirt off her back no matter who you were.

I hope someone notes her life in the community and family in which she lived. There will be a memorial at Tucson Botanical Gardens in February.... find more details and let people know.

I almost died this past spring and am enjoying what time and space I have left on this planet. Truly a wonderful place full of amazing people.

My love to you all.
Anne Schmitt
Nutrioso, Arizona

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