Thursday, November 20, 2008

Those Who Do and Those Who Don’t - By Mark R. Kerr

As previously reported in an editorial in this publication (issue 1269), a review (and publication of businesses and individuals) of the campaign finance reports for the proponents ( of Proposition 102 - the proposed and now state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman, had commenced, joining economic boycott efforts that were had begun in Florida and California, where two other amendments were on their general election ballots.

Proponents of these measures decried this move to list those who believe that all citizens of these states and this country don’t deserve equal rights under the law and constitution, adding that what if they published a list of those who gave money to fight these measures for which this reporter says to go for it and lets show those who do and those who don’t support “equal justice under the law.” So with that, continuing on from the editorial in the previous edition of this publication, more individuals and businesses who gave contributions, monetary, in kind or otherwise or who conducted transactions with the proponents of Proposition 102 in Arizona because LGBT consumers have the right to refuse service as well.

Charlie Markle (with Center for Arizona Policy), 7/8/08, $10. Cathi Herrod, (president Center for Arizona Policy), 7/11/08, $500. Herb Betian, Microbiologist, New Athens Illinois, 7/24/08, $100. Kyle Ibarra, Engineer, Phoenix Arizona, 8/5/08, $25. Robert Deaton, Commercial Real Estate, Paradise Valley Arizona, 8/7/08, $500. Jean Bobb, Phoenix, 8/8/08, $100. Lawrence Wright, Real Estate Agent, Mesa Arizona, 8/7/08, $5,000. William and Mindy Freeman Trust, Peoria Arizona, 8/8/08, $2,500. Quinton Hurst, Tucson Arizona, 8/8/08, $3,000. Laurence Johms, Peoria Arizona, 8/8/08, $5,000. Kerry and Katherine Jauchu, Glendale Arizona, 8/8/08, $10,000. Lona Keller, Banker, Scottsdale Arizona, 8/8/08, $1,000.

Mark Bryce, Central Arizona, 8/9/08, $10,000. Ezra Clark, Mesa Arizona, 8/9/08, $5,000. Kevin Goates, Northrup Grumman, Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/9/08, $5,000. Ian Harvey, teacher, Payson Arizona, 8/9/08, $500. Darren Haws, Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/9/08, $11,000. Creg Ostler, Stoker Ostler Wealth Advisers, Mesa Arizona, 8/9/08, $100. Vida Maroney, Day Care, Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/10/08, $500. George Mower, IBM, Vail Arizona, 08/10/08, $1,000.00. John Pitkin, Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/10/08, $100. Paul Rowley, Mesa Arizona, 8/10/08, $5,000. Chris Sieler, Hereford Arizona, 8/10/08, $100. Pamela Smith, Domestic Engineer Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/10/08, $2,500. Brent Solomon, Joseph City Arizona, 8/10/08, $1,000. Wayne and Carol West, Payson Arizona, 8/10/08, $10. Wilford and Kathleen Andersen, Mesa Arizona, 8/11/08, $100,000. Ron Bally, Mesa Arizona, 8/11/08, $5,000. Scott Jackson, Mesa Arizona, 8/11/08, $1,000.

David and Nancy LeSueur Family Trust, Mesa Arizona, 8/11/08. $100,000. Russell Ritchie, Mesa Arizona, 8/11/08, $5,000. Glade Smith, Central Arizona, 8/11/08, $5,000. Dawn and Richard Stapley, Glendale Arizona, 8/11/08, $1,000. Darl and Kaye Anderson, Mesa Arizona, 8/12/08, $1,000. Billy J. And Nancy C. Barton, Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/12/08, $4,000. Chad Coons, Building Supply Store Manager, Mesa Arizona, 8/12/08, $5,000. Steven N. And Ellena V. Curran, Mesa Arizona, 8/12/08, $3,000. E. And B. Fast, Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/12/08, $1,000. Debra Fish, Joseph City Arizona, 8/12/08, $1,000. Bruce R., and Tamara E. Francis, Mesa Arizona, 8/12/08, $10,000. Jackson E. And Maureen W. Gore, Sierra Vista, 8/12/08, $1,000. Hal and Marilou Hancock, Winslow Arizona, 8/12/08, $300. Neil and Bobbie F. Harrah, Winslow Arizona, 8/12/08, $500. Broc Hiatt, Mesa Arizona, 8/12/08, $10,000. Sean B., and Amy Lake, Mesa Arizona, 8/12/08, $5,000. Ralph E., and Martha E. Mayberry, Sierra Vista, 8/12/08, $10,000.

John Ogden, Phoenix Arizona, 8/12/08, $5,000. Quince R. and Joellen Peterson, Snowflake Arizona, 8/12/08, $800. Walter O. and Diane G. Richins, Laveen Arizona, 8/12/08, $1,000. Robert S. and Zelda B. Turley, Glendale Arizona, 08/12/08, $5,000. TTEE's Gary W. and Lori Wagner Family Trust, Peoria Arizona, 08/12/08, $100,000. C. Dale Willis, Mesa Arizona, 8/12/08, $10,000. Stephen Earl, Attorney, Phoenix Arizona, 8/13/08, $10,000. Deryl and Valerie A. Eastman, Peoria Arizona, 8/13/08, $25,000. L. Reed and Alice Jo Ellsworth, Mesa Arizona, 8/13/08, $2,000. Vincent J. and Frances H. Ely, Glendale Arizona, 8/13/08, $5,000. Robert J. and Cristel Handly, Phoenix Arizona, 8/13/08, $200. Doyle Hansen, (Dentist) Joseph City Arizona, 8/13/08, $100. Loyal D. and Janice Hastings, Glendale Arizona, 8/13/08, $1,000. Gary L. and Delann Haymore, (accountants), Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/13/08, $10,000. Steven L. and Marsha Haymore, (accountants), Sierra Vista Arizona, 8/13/08, $3,000. Linda Jo Johnson Family Trust, Phoenix Arizona, 8/13/08, $250. James King, Peoria Arizona, 8/13/08, $50,000. Jerald H. and Janet M. Lewis, Mesa Arizona, 8/13/08, $1,000. Kimberly and John Mundall, Phoenix Arizona, 8/13/08, $1,000. Sanders, Laurel and Terry Sanders, Fort Thomas Arizona, 8/13/08, $300. Stocking, Richard P. and Melissa Stocking, Peoria Arizona, 8/13/08, $5,000. Williams, Ted L. Williams, Mesa Arizona, 8/13/08. $1,000.

Businesses and corporations donated as well: C.J. Angle Inc., Safford Arizona, 8/12/08, $1,000. Darrel’s Root Beer Stand, Winslow Arizona, 8/12/08, $1,000. Loren V. Sadler Architect Inc., Winslow Arizona, 8/12/08, $1,000. Robert Kreimeyer LLC, Payson Arizona, 8/12/08, $100. Mark and Mary LLC, Laveen Arizona, 8/13/08, $1,000. Northwest Endodotics Ltd., Peoria Arizona, 8/13/08, $5,000. For this financial report, covering the period of June 1 through August 13, Focus on the Family Action, Colorado Springs Colorado, contributed $34,939.01 in goods and services; MDS Communications of Mesa Arizona, contributed $1,000 for space; the Alliance Defense Fund donated $90 for catering and the Center for Arizona Policy donated $11,100.36 in good, cash and services.

This is just a microcosm of them and more will be following in subsequent editions, since this was not just a statewide initiative so more will be following and remember, as consumers, we have the right to refuse service to anyone as well. For those interested in even more details, the reports can be found online at,, For more information online about the ongoing economic boycott go to

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