Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Arizona Together and Equality Arizona Need Your Help to DEFEAT PROP 102

We are in the midst of yet another ballot measure, Proposition 102, the so-called "Marriage Amendment."

Arizona is facing another massive budget crisis, our schools need help, and the cost of gas keeps rising. But what do politicians spend their time debating? Marriage, even though it's already defined as a union between a man and a woman and even though we voted on this issue just two years ago.

We ask you to send a strong message to these politicians, and VOTE NO ON 102! Our elected officials in Phoenix need to get back to work on more important issues, like the mortgage crisis, the economy, and health care, and stop arguing this issue again and again.

We need you to help Arizona Together and Equality Arizona NOW! Make your gift of $50 today to help us defeat Prop 102. Your gift will be split 50/50 between Arizona Together and Equality Arizona to help us keep our commercial on the airwaves and get our NO ON 102 message in as many homes as we can between now and November 4th.

Please make your gift today. We defeated this once, we can defeat it again, but we need your help!

Yours in Equality,

Kyrsten Sinema Barbara McCullough-Jones
State Representative Executive Director
Chair- Arizona Together Equality Arizona

P.S. Tell your family and friends, VOTE NO ON 102, and tell them to make a gift of $50 or more today as well!

P.P.S. Text NO102 to 30364 to join Arizona Together's TEXT TEAM.

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