Saturday, August 9, 2008

Soulforce Right To Marry - Arizona Update

Soulforce Arizona's Right to Marry Campaign will begin its 96 mile trek to the Arizona State Legislature, 1700 West Washington in Phoenix Sunday, August 10.

From the walker's blog is an update:

Saturday, August 9th, 2008 - Phoenix, AZ

Entry by Meg Sneed

Tomorrow morning seven young adults will lace up their tennis shoes and embark on a journey that many think is crazy, walking 96 miles through the streets of Arizona, in August. But the purpose is to be bold, to challenge ourselves and others on the issue of marriage equality. We each have our own personal stories and reasons for walking, for wanting to help Arizonans defeat Proposition 102 (again! Our great state has already said NO to this question in 2006!) On Friday night we came together as a group, we spent the night getting to know each other and discussing the logistics of the route.


Today we spent doing some more training with the help of Julie Roberts of Equality Arizona, Representative Kyrsten Sinema, and Phoenix Police Officer Tambra Williams. While planning this campaign and going into it tomorrow we have felt supported and embraced by the local community which has helped us to put our best foot on the pavement, so to speak. Will walking 96 miles be challenging? Yes. But it has been challenging for Arizonans to go 96 years without equality. Will there be moments where we are tired and exhausted? Sure. But it is with our community's support that we will be able to continue to take the next step, to shake the next hand, reach the next heart so in November we can all stand united in saying NO to proposition 102 as many times as it take for politicians to understand the true will of the people of this state.


Tonight we held a meet and greet at the Willow House where the community was able meet with the seven Equality Walkers and wish us well before we begin our journey. Over the course of the week we will be gathering amazing stories, and blisters. We would love to have you and your friends to come out and walk with us on any of the days, or come to our closing event on Saturday August 16th at Steele Indian School Park.

willow house

On a personal note, thanks to my amazing family and friends, it is your love and support that have nourished the activist spirit inside of me. Your courage and words of wisdom have always given me guidance in my times of need, your stories inspire me to speak up, thanks just for being you. -Meg Sneed

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