Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soulforce Right To Marry, August 8-16

Soulforce Q is proud to introduce Right to Marry Arizona. After two successful campaigns in New York State, the young adults of Soulforce Q are bringing their signature style of grassroots organizing to the Southwest. Right to Marry Arizona blends the excitement and innovation of a youth-led campaign with intergenerational activities that engage all citizens.


Arizona is the first state to defeat a constitutional anti-marriage amendment which returns on the ballots this November. Domestic partnership benefits were recently offered to state employees. Arizona is also home to the 2008 Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain. There is no time like the present and the present is ripe with opportunity for the great people of Arizona!


In August 8th through August 16th, Soulforce Q team of Equality Walkers will set out to engage Phoenix in supporting marriage equality. These young adults will cover 96 miles on foot, the number of years Arizona has been a state without equal protection for its LGBT citizens, throughout the city. They will stop at city halls, local congregations and senior adult communities to share stories of those affected by the anti-marriage legislation.

Inspired and informed by the multicultural traditions of freedom marches, prayer-walking and pilgrimage, the Equality Walkers will follow this route (more details, including maps, specific times, locations and activities are coming soon):

Day 1: Sunday, August 10th - Surprise City Hall to Peoria City Hall
Special sending & blessing service details TBD

Day 2: Monday, August 11th - Peoria City Hall to Avondale City Hall

Day 3: Tuesday, August 12th - Avondale City Hall to Glendale City Hall

Day 4: Wednesday, August 13th - Glendale City Hall to Phoenix City Hall to Scottsdale City Hall

Day 5: Thursday, August 14th - Scottsdale City Hall to Mesa City Hall to Tempe City Hall

Day 6: Friday, August 15th - Tempe City Hall to State Capitol

Day 7: Saturday, August 16th

5:00pm to 7:00pm - End of campaign rally & community potluck picnic in the Steele Indian School Park in Central Phoenix. All are welcome!

Phoenix Metro Area

Visit our blog to read reports from the road and view photos. Beginning August 7th!


We are honored to introduce Meg Sneed, the inspiration and the driving force behind this campaign. Meg is a true Soulforce Q leader. She is one of the original Equality Riders, has organized the Right to Serve action in Phoenix and participated in the Right to Marry in New York. An amazing activist and person, she was recently nominated for Distinguished Service by a Woman Award by the Echo Magazine.

Meg Sneed “Growing up in Arizona has shaped who I am. From Madison #1 to North High School, the most crucial years of my life were spent in the heart of Phoenix. It was here that I learned to ride a bike, waved to my parents on my first day of school, had my first kiss, and got my first job. I have fried an egg on the sidewalk. I cringe when I remember game six of the 1993 NBA finals. I am a Phoenician... Many times I boarded a plane in Sky Harbor airport to venture out on a Soulforce action. This time, equality is coming home. After 96 years of statehood, LGBT people can no longer be treated as second-class citizens. Arizona is better than that. I am ready for what so many people begin dreaming about as children. I envision a big wedding with my family and friends as witnesses to my lifetime commitment to one person in front of God. I am ready for my home state to recognize and honor it as well.”

Meet the Equality Walkers! Click here.


We intend to spend our time on the road in solidarity with many local organizations, groups and individuals that are working hard to bring full equality to all Arizonans. You, your friends and family, and members of your office, congregration or team are welcome to join us for a few hours or a whole day as we walk. We are also happy to join you in a meeting with your state representative. What other ideas do you have to ensure momentum and secure lasting effect?

Contact RTM Arizona Leader: Meg Sneed,, 623-262-6696
Contact RTM National Office: Alexey Bulokhov,, 212-203-5774

We look forward to hearing from you!


We cover all participation expenses for Soulforce Q campaigns. If you would like to support the empowerment of young adult leaders like Meg Sneed, please click here to donate. Thank you!

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