Friday, July 25, 2008

Do The Math And Tell A Friend About Proposition 102

Dear Friends,

There are many ways a political campaign relys on math to design a winning campaign.

Counting votes, counting days, counting money.

Here are some facts consider when you do the math!
  • There are 102 days left to the election!
  • We can defeat Prop 102!
  • Donate $102 today!
Every time you do the math you empower the campaign to take another step toward defeating Prop 102.
One voter at a time. That's how we'll win this campaign. One donor at a time. One changed heart at time.

Take Action NOW!
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YOU are the campaign!

Barbara McCullough-Jones, Chair
Jason Cianciotto, Treasurer

More ways to
"do the math"
Get together with a group of friends and knock on 102 doors this weekend.

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Email, telephone, text and talk to 102 friends this weekend and get them to subscribe to our mailing list and donate $102

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Send us an email and tell your story of what you did this weekend to help defeat Prop 102. We'll share your story with other activists.

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