Friday, June 27, 2008

Action Alert From Equality Arizona On HB 2713 and SCR 1042

The last few days at the Legislature have been intense. We've been working with our allies in the House and the Senate to fight off several last-minute attempts by anti-Gay political groups to push their divisive, potentially dangerous, and unnecessary legislation through before the end of the session. Lawmakers have finally agreed on a budget, which has passed both Houses. They are expected to adjourn for the year sometime today.

Please Take Action Now on HB 2713 and SCR 1042, and urge your legislators to vote NO.


HB 2713 (, the so-called students' religious liberties act, passed out of the Senate yesterday on a vote of 16-10, with 4 members absent. It now heads back to the House for a Final Read, which is expected to occur this morning. Click here to take action now and contact your State Representatives.

HB 2713 ( purports to protect the religious freedom of Arizona's K-12 students. Yet, the constitutional rights of every student are already protected. HB 2713 leaves open the possibility for a school's anti-harassment, anti-bullying or non-discrimination policies to be invalidated. The backers of the bill say this is not the intent. Yet, the Center for Arizona Policy opposed an amendment to the bill that would have ensured that schools would still be able to protect students, including LGBT students, from bullying. Senators and Representatives voted against the amendment. Some even suggested our amendment to protect students would "undo" the bill. We join the Arizona School Boards Association and the Anti-Defamation League in opposing this bill. Take Action Now on HB 2713 at

SCR 1042 ( could still be reconsidered on the Senate floor. If passed, this bill would force Arizona voters to vote again on another constitutional amendment to define marriage. Please contact your Senator today and urge them to vote NO if the bill is brought back to floor for reconsideration. Click here to Take Action on SCR 1042:

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