Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SCR 1042 Update - 'Real Problems' By Mark R. Kerr

During discussion, Monday, May 12, over Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 1042, state Representative Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler, who is a divorce attorney during his off-hours from the Legislature, said that same-sex marriage was a “ ... not some made-up problem ...”

Oh really Steve, the real problem:

Are the thirty-one House Republicans: Kirk Adams, Mark Anderson, Ray Barnes, Nancy Barto, Andy Biggs, Tom Boone, Judy Burges, Doug Clark, Rich Crandall, Sam Crump, Adam Driggs, Eddie Farnsworth, Trish Groe, John Kavanagh, Bill Konopnicki, Lucy Mason, Marian McClure, John McComish, Nancy McLain, Rick Murphy, John Nelson, Warde Nichols, Jonathan Paton, Russell Pearce, Michele Reagan, Bob Robson, Bob Stump, Andrew Tobin, Jerry Weiers, Steven Yarbrough, and Jim Weiers who could move mountains to get this approved, despite current state law (A.R.S. 25-101 and A.R.S. 25-112 - approved and signed into law in 1996), court precedent (Standhardt v. Superior Court in 2004), voters already having their say (Proposition 107 in 2006 - going down to defeat) but can’t put a budget together for the state government for the next fiscal year;

Are those individuals who have been in the state legislature for such a long time, like Democrats Pete Rios and Jack Brown who have now voted for this measure and the state law in 1996, showing that their vote then was wrong;

The fake “concern over traditional marriage” when there is the federal Defense of Marriage Act on the books plus other laws discrimination against people (men and women) over the age of 60 getting hitched and yet not one frappin outcry is made over that;

Are the comments made by so-called moderates, such as current state Representative and potential Congressional District 5 Republican candidate, Michele Reagan of Phoenix, who called SCR 1042 “insulting” and who didn’t sign onto the original measure but voted in favor of the Concurrent Resolution on Monday, May 12.

Are state Representatives, such as Marion McClure, R-Tucson, who proclaim their “Christianity” and her support of “traditional values” on the House floor before voting because they are running for higher office, in her case the Arizona Corporation Commission, and then vote for such a hateful measure to get a free-ride (for Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy to the tune of $500,000) on the November ballot while a worthwhile initiative, prohibiting payday loan and check cashing centers, can’t get the signatures and is being spearheaded by state Representative Marion McClure, who has been the target of the Christian-right controlled Legislative District Republican party organization since her first run and,

The voters who continue to send these individuals back to 1700 West Washington to waste the state’s time on measures ranging from guns on school campuses to horse tripping to botox injection regulation wasting taxpayer dollars.

Those are just some of the real problems Arizona has to deal with, every January through June roughly but thanks to these myopic, hair-brained individuals alleged upholding state law and serving the general public, another ballot measure, wasting time and more importantly funds is another problem on the horizon and with the recent court decision in Michigan, these actions are a real problem for those living with or affected by a domestic partners ordinance or benefits in the cities, towns and private sector that they live under.

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