Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SCR 1042 Update By State Senator Paula Aboud

Now that the Marriage Bill passed out of the House on Monday (our colleagues, friends and allies worked valiantly to stall it there for several weeks) the bill will come to the Senate.

I want to give you a sense of where we go from here. We have our team in the Senate, me included, working diligently to push forward to stop this bill. We have been working behind the scenes in the Senate for many months now, ever since the bill first appeared at the beginning of the Legislative session. We have our alllies, our strategy in place and we are ready.

As you may know, I have been a leader in the fight for LGBT rights for over 24 years. Other LGBT legislators with multiple years of experience and our allies are intimately involved in the effort. Please know that we are using every resource and every breath of our energy to defeat this in the Senate!

What do we need from you? You can do what we have been doing as we awaited this bill's arrival in the Senate---PREPARE! Get your life in order, establish your commitment to fight this issue IF it comes to the voters, and re-build and re-connect with the political machine that worked to defeat Prop 107 in 2006. Stay involved in your community and get ready for whatever political race is before us in November.

And be prepared to mobilize IF AND WHEN we need you.

I will keep you posted on this issue.

Thanks so much for being there as our backup and our support!

Paula Aboud
State Senator
District 28, Tucson
1-800-352-8404 X 6-5262

Ranking Democrat: Appropriations Committee
Health Committee
Higher Education Committee

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