Sunday, May 11, 2008

SCR 1042 - Arizona Marriage Amendment Alert

Rep Marian McClure (R-30) has decided to switch her vote to "yes" on the pending anti-marriage amendment in the House. This means that the bill will likely pass on Monday.

In a nutshell, McClure is afraid that if she doesn't vote yes, she will not receive the support from conservatives she needs to win her planned run for the Corporation Commission.

Our supporters in the AZ legislature recommend that we all call McClure's office at (602) 926-3312 and ask her to vote "what she knows is right in her heart."

While McClure does not support full marriage equality, she knows that this amendment is harmful and divisive and does not want to support it. She also doesn't want to be the focus of right-wing attacks as the person who stopped it from passing in the house.

Please take a minute to call McClure at (602) 926-3312. Afterwards, please send an email to your contact list asking your friends to do the same. I'd like for this email to be the start of a viral campaign that will produce hundreds of calls to McClure's office before she arrives on Monday morning.

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