Friday, June 19, 2009

Wingspan Is Seeking Nominations for the Godat Award

TUCSON (Observer Udate) - The Wingspan Annual Dinner is just a few months away, which means it's time to gather nominations for the Godat Award so help Wingspan recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to Southern Arizona's LGBT community.

Please nominate someone for Wingspan's Godat award by completing a Nomination Form. Nominees do not need to be connected to Wingspan. The Godat Award, named after the first recipient, Ken Godat, was inaugurated in 1998 as a way to recognize annually one person who has made outstanding long-term contributions to Southern Arizona's LGBT community. It is the most prestigious award and highest honor granted each year at the Wingspan Annual Benefit Dinner. Past Godat Award winners include: Ken Godat (1998), Jean Baker (1999), Colette Barajas (2000), Ana "Bertie" Lozano (2001), Bob Ellis (2002), Alexander John Goodrum (2003), Alan Storm (2004), Mae Krueger (2005), Craig Snow (2006), Noel Matkin (2008). No award in 2007.

Now, Wingspan is accepting nominations for the award for 2009, with winners to be honored at Wingspan's 12th Annual Benefit Dinner, on Saturday, September 26, the Tucson Convention Center. (Watch for more information.)

Members of the Wingspan Board of Directors or Selection Committee are not eligible to be nominated. Wingspan Board of Directors - Paula Aboud, Kathy Altman, Carol Bradsen, David H. Braun, Leslie Carlson, Rebecca Corran, Roger Funk, Carol Galper, Cynthia Garcia, Yvette Jackson, Sean Kurysh, Brenda Limon, Kevin Maxey, Nicholas Mclain, Scott Morris, Laura Penny, Karyn Prechtel, and Alan P. Taylor. Award Selection Committee - Elizabeth Burden, Carol Galper, Andrew Held, Laura Penny, Karyn Prechtel, and Alan Taylor.

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