Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tucson Comes Out for Day of Decision

Rainbow Foot Soldiers in conjunction with Wingspan and local activists and supporters of Marriage Equality gathered on the evening of Tuesday, May 26, in Catalina Park (4th Avenue & 1st Street) for a rally in response to the California Supreme Court decision on the validity of Proposition 8. The high energy crowd marched and chanted down 4th Ave. to Wingspan, geting support from cars with honking horns and cheers from cafe customers.

Rainbow Foot Soldiers ( is a grassroots activist group, founded by Buck Bannister, Michael Koch, and Sandi. As their website states: "We are here to assist and support the community and community groups. When necessary we will step into the forefront to organize events." Planning an event with an unknown date is very challenging. In the end it was on Friday, May 23, that the Court announced that it would issue its decision on Tuesday, May 26 -- the first business day after a three-day weekend. RFS worked throughout the weekend to get this event off the ground, and community came out in support.

Speakers at the event included: Buck Bannister, John Mijac, Ray and Kathy Green, Jason Cianciotto and Courter Simmons, and Deb and Sal Risinger.

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