Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Help us tour Ward 3!

Dear Friends,

It continues to heat up, both outside and on the campaign trail. Three months into the race, the landscape is drastically different than the last time I wrote to you. As you likely know, I will be facing a strong Republican challenger in November. It is going to be a long, tough summer and fall, but together we can be successful.

It is costly - but essential - to get our message out to voters throughout the city. Raising this money early sends a strong message of broad support. Because of your amazing support, we have already raised $35,365!

But to continue our pace and to meet our goal of $38,000 by the end of this month - by midnight Thursday - I need your help. Click here to give $10, $50, or even $410 securely online. Or maybe you can commit to getting 3 of your friends to donate? You can easily forward this email using the link below, or you can click here to print out our donation form and pass it on.

TAKE A TOUR WITH US! Tucson’s Ward 3 is incredibly diverse. Stretching from the river down to Speedway and from the freeway over to Columbus, it abounds with hidden treasures. So as we try to raise the $2,635 over these next few days, take a virtual tour with us of our beautiful town. With each $500 received we will move to a new spot on the Ward 3 map. We are kicking off our tour with the historic Georgia O’Keefe-designed sign at the Ghost Ranch Lodge on Miracle Mile west of Oracle.

Let's tour Ward 3!

So check back as we continue our sightseeing in Ward 3! And please click here to donate and help move us along on our trip. Your efforts truly make a difference.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Karin Uhlich

Councilmember - Ward 3

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