Thursday, April 16, 2009

Donate to the Observer

TUCSON (Observer Update) - So when reading the Observer, either in print or online, consider making a small contribution to help defray the web/Internet costs to help keep the publication free, online and most importantly, weekly. The paper has been financially able to put out a print edition for two weeks, but that doesn’t signal rosy times ahead, help is needed.

This publication over the years has beaten the daily newspapers in this town covering the same issues concern the LGBT community and HIV/AIDS and will continue to strive to do so for the future, offering it as a free paper, as it should be and hopefully can continue.

At the website or the blog, people have the option of donating through the PayPal system but for those wanting to send a check, make checks payable to “The Observer,” and mail them to P.O. Box 50733, Tucson, AZ 85703 and with “a little help from our friends,” we all will get by during these times.

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