Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stonewall Democrats Update

Wow. Did you know that in only two days you helped generate more than 2,500 signatures in support of moving civil unions forward in Hawaii? Amazing.

Your signatures didn't just stay on a web page. As a grassroots organization, we are now working with our local members to lobby Democratic officials as the civil unions bill is being considered. Look for a report next week on activities that are happening right now in Hawaii as we organize ahead of crucial Democratic Party meetings this weekend.

Can you take the next step? We recently learned that our grassroots advocacy has earned a Golden Dot nomination for new media organizing. A win would mean the recognition of the hard work of Stonewall Democrats like you - and it would attract more pro-equality voices to our movement. Please, take a brief moment and vote for Stonewall Democrats here. We're nominated in category #10.

Stonewall Democrats uses our online organizing to compliment the work being done on the ground by our members. And its paying off.

Did you know that Democrats in New Hampshire are moving forward a marriage bill to the New Hampshire General Court? Many see it as the next step after civil union legislation was enacted two years ago. Kyle Bailey, Director of Chapter & National Development for Stonewall Democrats, was in New Hampshire recently to meet with members of the Granite State Stonewall Democrats. Look for an update next week on the progress that is being made in New Hampshire.

Baily also took some time to visit rural Georgia to meet with local Democratic leaders. The effort was part of a nationwide push by Stonewall Democrats to build support for pro-equality positions among rural and conservative communities. From Bailey: "To win in places like remote Towns County, Democrats must have the courage of their convictions. For Democrats to win in rural America, LGBT persons and allies must..." Read all of Kyle's amazing report here.

Remember that your support is helping us organize in both urban and rural areas (like last month when Stonewall Democrats helped Wyoming Democrats kill a DOMA bill). Thank you.

Remember to vote for Stonewall Democrats for a Golden Dot award, and consider donating to help move our victories forward.

We're doing amazing things thanks to your help. Let's keep that going.

Jon Hoadley
Executive Director

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