Monday, February 23, 2009

Stories on Transgender Vets in the Arizona Daily Star

TUCSON (Observer Update) - Carol Ann Alaimo of the Arizona Daily Star in Sunday's paper (Feb. 22) and Monday's edition (Feb. 23) wrote two wonderful articles on issues of concern to Transgendered people who had served their country in the armed services.

These stories are well written, insightful and have a great deal for the entire community to learn, which they do through reading it.

Also, there are references to reports which you can also find at the following links.

Transsexuals in the Military

About the American Medical Association's policy on transgender care, go to ama1/pub/upload/mm/16/ a08_hod_resolutions.pdf

What the American Psychological Association says, go to topics/transgender.html

Go to Survey_Results.html to see the results of a survey by the Transgender American Veterans Association.

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