Thursday, February 12, 2009

(H/T Brian Leubitz with Calitics)

SAN DIEGO, California (Observer Update) - Bill Clinton must make a choice. He must decide whether a speech for big bucks is more important than honoring a labor and activist boycott. On Feb. 15, the former President is scheduled to make a speech at the Manchester Hyatt.

As a refresher, Mr. Manchester gave some of the initial seed money to get Proposition 8 on the ballot, $125,000 to be exact. Since then, a coalition of labor, LGBT, and grassroots organizations has promoted a boycott against the hotel. And it has been quite successful, with groups such as the American Assoc. of Law Schools moving their events.

But our former Democratic president still seems intent on breaking the boycott. That's why a diverse coalition of leaders has taken an ad out in the New York Daily News to ask him not to break the boycott. You can check the ad to the right, and in context at the Daily News politics blog. Also, read the full letter at their site, It's signed by leaders like San Diego city councilman Todd Gloria, Unite-HERE Local 30 president Brigette Browning, San Diego Dem. County Chair and DNC member Jess Durfee, and the Courage Campaign's Rick Jacobs.

Rest assured that if Clinton plans on busting the boycott, he'll have to pretend he doesn't notice the rally outside. Activists from around the region are planning on protesting the speech. Clinton should move the speech or just not give it. Together, we will bend the arc of history for justice. But we must be united.

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