Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arizona Education & Resource Project Online

PHOENIX (Observer Update) - Equality Arizona has launched the Arizona Education & Resource Project.

The Arizona Education & Resource Project provides here some of the issues that impact the everyday lives of LGBT people in Arizona and across the country. Overwhelmingly, scientific research has indicated that LGBT people and families are equally valuable, healthy and capable as all others, strongly supporting the goals of our community. As part of the movement to undermine LGBT equality and opportunity, the anti-gay industry has begun to attack the importance and scientific accuracy of this large body of research. As you can see in the attached research summaries, scholars and scientists from a range of research disciplines advocate for LGBT equality, while responding to the distortions of the anti-gay industry.

Equality Arizona encourages you to download the Research Summaries and Briefs and use them to educate yourself and others. Our hope is these documents will help advance positive public policies in Arizona. For more information, go online to

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