Wednesday, January 21, 2009

‘More than a Day’ - By Mark R. Kerr

Tuesday, January 20, marked the “end of an error,” with the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, ending the reign of terror of the “Bush Crime Family.”

President Obama inherits a country: in the midst of two wars; bleeding jobs and economically and morally bankrupt thanks to the policies and actions of his predecessor and minions and Congress.

On Tuesday, November 4, 2008, this nation went to the polls and cast their collective ballot for change in the leadership of both the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government and that has now come to complete fruition with the swearing in of this nation’s new President, Barack Obama.

In the nation’s Capitol, Washington, D.C., “change,” has been in the air and will continue with President Obama, his Cabinet and staff who, working with Congress, will solve the problems the country faces, through new laws, programs and policies, resulting in the betterment of the lives of its citizens.

This will include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Americans, as well as those living with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS, despite the “Rick Warren’s” and television production screw ups and mistakes involving the openly Gay Episcopalian Bishop, Gene Robinson.

There are LGBT, HIV+ and straight supportive individuals serving in various posts in the Obama Administration as well as in Congress, meaning that issues of concern, such as hate crimes, Gays and Lesbians serving openly in the military, governmental and legal recognition of committed, same-sex relationships (and subsequent families), and increased funding for medication, more research conducted on HIV/AIDS, will be dealt with during this new administration.

Will these issues by dealt with, in the same time and manner as then President Bill Clinton, in 1993, tried to do during his first week in office, when he had promised during the campaign to end the prohibition of open Gays and Lesbians serving in the nation’s armed services, resulting in the backpedaling and disastrous implementation of the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and the halting of any potential opportunity for advancement on any other LGBT issues of concern?

So how can one:

Have employment discrimination protections when there are no jobs?

Get treated for HIV/AIDS, as well as any other illnesses and diseases when there is no health coverage?

Serve openly and proudly in the country’s Armed Services when Gitmo, Iraq and torture have occurred and continue to do so?

Receive governmental and legal recognition of their committed relationship and family when they have lost their home and savings?

This country’s new President faces a daunting list of problems created by and dumped on his desk by his predecessor and Congressional minions and to paraphrase our new President, commenting about his call for national service (January 19), it will take “more than a day,” to solve the country’s troubles.

LGBT Americans should take Obama’s comments to hear, heeding his call to help make the country a better place to live and work and be a part of the solution and not end up as a distraction because the time will come and the issues will be dealt with, as well as the problems we all now face because failure is not an option that none of us can afford.

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