Saturday, December 20, 2008

No peace until there's no ‘Justice’ By King Daevid MacKenzie

Last month, the Rev. William H. Knight of Water of Life MCC in Tucson, my church, wondered aloud during a sermon: “Whatever happened to the Separation of Church and Hate?” Good question, Rev. Wish I knew that myself. You may have noticed that our broadcast airwaves, a limited resource that we collectively own, have become polluted with the raw sewage that passes for “conservative thought” nowadays. It doesn’t matter that those producing it are neither actually conservative nor actually thinking, they just say they are. Case in point: the malicious clown who has adopted the pseudonym “Jon Justice.” Those who have had the misfortune to tune his blatherings on KQTH/104.1 in the early mornings already know there’s nothing in his verbal vomit that even remotely resembles actual Justice. Then again, the station he’s on, which calls itself “The Truth,” doesn’t produce truthful programming, either.

On the 3rd of December, I felt strong enough to withstand the station’s cornucopia of crapola to monitor it for an hour or two and see what delusions the Fascists were displaying now that McPalin got buried by the Obama Landslide. At least seven times I heard “Justice” promote that the following morning’s program would contain his reaction to “the Gay Community going after the Mormon Church” in the aftermath of the homophobic propositions that passed in several states on Election Day, 8 in California and 102 here in Arizona most prominently. Well, after that, I just had to check out what bilge “Justice” had to pump into our homes. So I tuned him in on December 4th. “Justice” said nothing about it. Well, that fit; add bogus advertising to the pile of offenses he’s racked up. I checked him out on December 5th, too – still nothing.

It wasn’t until December 8th that he cracked loose with the promised sewage, and it turned out to be not only homophobic, but racist to boot. Citing a recent satirical op-ed piece in the Arizona Daily Wildcat, “Mormonism: The Next Threat to Traditional Marriage,” “Justice” claimed that it was hypocritical for LesBiGays (my word, not his) to “go after” “only” the LDS Church, and that to be consistent we should also “go after” African-Americans and Latino-Americans too, since they voted for the same props in large numbers. “Justice” also claimed that the Mormons didn’t fund 8 or 102; regular readers of the Observer know how huge a lie that is, as we’ve been establishing where the money came from in almost every edition this autumn.

Then “Justice” went into some nonsense about how “all laws discriminate. DUIs discriminate (against) those who like to drink their alcohol and drive around. Laws that say you can’t shoot somebody discriminate against those people who like to shoot people. ‘IT’S JUST NOT FAIR! I LIKE TO PUT HOLES IN PEOPLE USING WEAPONS!’” (That this line of misthought was aired in a segment immediately after a commercial for Marksman Pistol Institute was also duly noted.)

This alleged man “Justice” is merely the latest example of how our airwaves, and press in general, have been raped by greedy media barons of recent times. It used to be that opinions broadcast needed to be based in facts. Broadcast licenses were actually yanked by the FCC if they weren’t. At least that was the way things were when I got into broadcasting. The “Justice” MySpace page claims he’s 36 years old; if he’s not lying about his age here (as he is about everything else), I was holding my mud as a disc jockey on World Music Radio in Oxford, England, when this schmuck was peeing his diapers.

So, what do we do now? Simply allow the “Justice” River of Sewage to continue polluting Tucson airwaves untrammelled? If that’s our choice, we deserve every pile of crap “Justice” dumps on us. My vast preference would be to boycott the advertisers who line the “Justice” pockets. I’ve left the commercials in the mp3 (posted on the Observer blog) for starters; just note what businesses paid for that specific hour, and let them know in emphatic terms – picket lines would do just as well as mere phone calls or petitions – that we won’t do business with them until they stop doing business with KQTH. And, since KQTH is owned by the Milwaukee based Journal Company – as a native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, I well know about that firm – any advertiser boycott may even need to cross over to those who pop up on Journal’s other stations here, KGUN-9 included. Then we’ll see whose side Guy Atchley is REALLY on.

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