Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Milk' - The Movie Update

"Milk," the much anticipated, highly praised movie opens tomorrow (Dec. 12) in Tucson.

Gay Rights Activist. Friend. Lover. Unifier. Politician. Fighter. Icon. Inspiration. Hero. His life changed history, and his courage changed lives. In 1977, Harvey Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, becoming the first openly gay man to be voted into major public office in America. His victory was not just a victory for gay rights; he forged coalitions across the political spectrum. From senior citizens to union workers, Harvey Milk changed the very nature of what it means to be a fighter for human rights and became, before his untimely death in 1978, a hero for all Americans.

"Milk" will be playing in two theaters in Tucson, one owned by Cinemark whose CEO gave $9,999 to California's "Yes on Prop. 8" campaign to take away the rights of 18,000 same sex couples who got married, and the other theater is the Harkins Tucson Spectrum 18, 5455 S. Calle Santa Cruz, (520) 806-4275. Anyone who wants to see the movie and who is against discrimination should see it at the Harkins, not the Cinemark theater at El Con.

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