Saturday, November 8, 2008

We Remain United - Equality Arizona

With the passage of Proposition 102 on Tuesday, and the unexpected adoption of similar amendments in Florida and California, the question we face as a community is: "What next?"

So, Arizonans approved an amendment to the constitution defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. What we all know is that nothing really has changed. Marriage in Arizona was limited to heterosexual couples before the election, and it remains limited after the election. No matter the result of Prop 102, this was always going to be our reality on November 5, 2008.

What our reality looks like beyond today depends on you. Our community stood together to fight Prop 102. Divisive politics won that battle, but equality and justice will win in the long run when we stand united.

Our community's resolve to secure equality in Arizona is stronger than ever. We at Equality Arizona stand with you to continue to advocate for equal protection under the law. With your help, we will secure the passage of public policies that strengthen all families and laws that guarantee equality to all Arizonans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Of everything that happened on November 4th, we all can recognize that with the election of a new President, the era of divisive politics is coming to an end. As we move forward into the next legislative session, we will call on you to help strengthen our movement for equality in Arizona.

We join our partners across the state in thanking you for your hard work during this election cycle. We look forward to working with you continue to create change throughout our state.

In Solidarity,

Barbara McCullough-Jones
Executive Director

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NG said...

Not being from Arizona, I can only rely on what happens thru the blogs and websites.

Equality Arizona took a sabbatical. That weekly show they do on Nova M should have spent on dealing with what happened and why and from what I can on the summaries, they didn't do that. In fact, the last time they did, was when the comittee ruled in favor of Harper. They spent four minutes on it and the rest of the show talking about a gay roller derby league.

I would hope the Arizona GLBT community will move to replace the current leadership in lieu of what took place.