Saturday, November 8, 2008


By Wendell Hicks, Executive Director, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation

As Ghandi once said: "Be the change you want to see in the world." Kristie Graham, a long time donor, volunteer, and Board Member of SAAF recently reminded us of Ghandi’s wisdom. She wrote, “SAAF translates Ghandi's words into action. AIDS has impacted me on a personal level, with five people I loved dying from AIDS over the years. Their experiences left me with a deep understanding of the importance of providing much needed services to people living with the disease…In addition, I also support SAAF because I know my donation will make an impact. I know the organization makes the most out of its resources. It is an extremely effective, proactive organization that understands the importance of addressing the problem of HIV/AIDS on multiple levels. It meets the critical needs of numerous individuals living with HIV/AIDS while at the same time working to intervene and prevent the infection of countless others at a high risk for contracting the disease.”

We’re honored to have Kristie’s inspiration and support. We are also reminded of how much this work impacts many, many people. The fight against HIV/AIDS is too important for us to lose momentum and energy during a time of change, transition, or challenge. Instead it’s a time for moving forward and taking action. To get involved and take action or to learn more about programs and services for people living with or affected by HIV, please contact me (520) 628-7223.

As we begin this fall season with Thanksgiving and the holidays just around the corner, we thank you for your generous continued support and ask for your renewed commitment to financially support the work of SAAF. Today, more than ever, the people that SAAF serves feel challenged by the state of the economy and the difficult times it has brought. As a result, there is a critical need for basic services such as food, housing, and medication assistance. Right now, these areas are priorities for SAAF and they represent some of the basic needs that are demanding the most resources. YOUR support helps to sustain the most essential programs of SAAF for those in the greatest need.

There are numerous ways to get involved, I’ve listed many below. Please take part in the change we want to see in our community as we are all challenged to support the people served by SAAF however we can. Thank you for your gifts of support and volunteer works of action. It is because of you that SAAF remains strong and is able to help support so many. I invite any one interested in SAAF to call me directly. I welcome an opportunity to meet or to invite you on a tour of our facilities.

Best wishes and thank you for continuing to lead our community through support and action. For questions or more information on how you can support SAAF, please contact me at (520) 628-7223. Thank you!

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