Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Passing of Prop 102 marks a Sad Day for Arizonans

PHOENIX (Nov. 5, 2008) – Today’s latest ballot count resulting in the acceptance of Prop 102 marks a significant loss for Arizonans. The final tally was a split of 44 percent against Prop 102 and 56 percent in favor. The results disappointed campaign leaders, volunteers and supporters, and sends a strong message that Arizona voters are ok with politicians having a say in the definition of marriage.
“It is a sad day for Arizonans,” said Kyrsten Sinema, chair for Arizona Together. “Arizona Together brought a broad-based coalition of organizations together all in an effort to keep politicians out of marriage. We would not have done anything differently and I am extremely proud of the hard work that each and every supporter put forth. Unfortunately we were just outspent, and it goes to show how powerful the advertising dollar can be, even when it doesn’t tell the whole story.”
The proponents of Prop 102 outspent Arizona Together by 15 to 1, a number that opponents simply could not overcome. Despite that financial advantage, the still impressive 45 percent of the electorate that voted against the measure speaks volumes about the desire of a significant plurality of Arizona voters to address real issues confronting everyone in place of these divisive measures.
“Prop 102 was a divisive measure referred to the ballot by 49 legislators who did not trust the people who voted down the same amendment two years ago,” added Sinema. “Yet, we did not allow ourselves to be distracted; we talked about the real issues that affect Arizona families and worked vigorously every day to defeat it.”
Support for Arizona Together Opposed to Prop 102 included prominent elected officials such as State Representatives Ableser, Cajero-Bedford, Campbell, Chabin, Farley, Gallardo, Lujan, and Pancrazi. The business community also joined via support from Planned Parenthood Arizona; and many faith based organizations also showed their support in the defeat of Prop 102.

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