Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Observer Policy on Ads

TUCSON (Observer Update) - Recently there has been some questions in regard to advertisements that have appeared in the publication.

For those who read the print edition or web version of the paper, on the lower section of page two, each and every week the publication has been in existence, one week longer than the print edition now of the Christian Science Monitor, appears the following:

“Although the Observer has many fine advertisers, we do not accept the responsibility for any claims made pertaining to their products and/or services.”

This has been the case for the entirety of the publication and if one has a question about any advertisers claims or policies, they need to be taken up with them. It is the advertising which pays for the publication of the print edition, maintenance of the website and the continual availability of the archive (marking the entire history of Tucson’s LGBT and HIV/AIDS rights movement since 1976), to the general public. Plain and simple, no glorious profits for the proprietors and staff, just the ability to keep the community informed.

If one is so inclined, they can donate, tip, contribute or whatever one wishes to “call it” at the website, or the blog,, or people have the option of donating through the PayPal system but for those wanting to send a check, make checks payable to “The Observer,” and mail them to P.O. Box 50733, Tucson, AZ 85703.

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