Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No on Prop 102 Disappointed by Election Results

Tucson (Nov. 4, 2008) - With 91% of precincts reporting, Arizona voters approved Proposition 102, the so-called “marriage amendment,” by a margin of 56% to 44%. The many volunteers, supporters and leaders of No on Prop 102, the grass-roots campaign working to defeat this amendment, were disappointed by the results.

Proponents for Prop 102 achieved their victory by making this campaign one of the most expensive campaigns in Arizona history. Their lopsided 15-to-1 funding advantage from powerful special interest groups proved to be decisive in ensuring the 12% margin for Prop 102's passage.

"This measure has done nothing to 'protect marriage,' since marriage in Arizona is no different today than it was yesterday,” said Cynthia Garcia, No on Prop 102 treasurer. “But Prop 102's passage is a sad reflection of our opponents' priorities. The 'yes' side spent more than $8 million in Arizona to pass this divisive measure. Combined spending in California and Florida exceeded $70 million, making these the costliest ballot measures in history. Clearly, this money could have been put to much better use to improve the lives of everyone, especially in today's economy."

Jim Burroway, No on Prop 102 chair agreed, "We are disappointed that Arizona voters did not see this amendment for what it was: a distraction from the real issues affecting Arizona’s families, such as our troubled economy. Future generations of Arizonans will look back on this day with shame and regret."

Becky Corran, No on Prop 102 co-chair added, “No on Prop 102 worked closely with Arizona Together, Wingspan, Equality Arizona, and many faith leaders and allies, and built a large coalition of volunteers from all walks of life to fight this divisive amendment. This coalition will continue to focus attention on equality for all of Arizona’s families.”

Honorary co-chairs for No on Prop 102 were Tucson First Lady Beth Walkup and University of Arizona President Emeritus Peter Likins. In addition, No on Prop 102 was endorsed by U.S. Congressman Raúl Grijalva and all Tucson City Council members (including Councilwoman Regina Romero who participated in one of the campaign’s radio ads). For a complete list of partners, please visit