Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Morning In Arizona - Gays and Lesbians STILL can't marry

Yes, the Mormon money machine, Dobsons media monster paid off BIG in regard to Proposition 102 and LGBT Arizonans were the wedge issue yet again, as previously stated in the print edition, website and blog.

Case in point, state Senator Thayer Verschoor, (R-Gilbert), said in Associated Press article (November 5), "several propositions that were heavily supported by Republicans helped ... "

Especially the one where he illegally turned off openly Lesbian state Senator Paula Aboud's (D-Tucson) microphone during the last day (June 27) of the session of Arizona's Legislature where the Republican's placed Proposition 102 on the ballot.

It's morning in Arizona, $2,000,000 of Arizonans taxpayers money was flushed down the toilet so that Gays and Lesbians were used as a wedge issue (as the Arizona Republican's political savior, Karl Rove stated and did) and still can't marry.

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