Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote No on Proposition 102 Update

Join Statewide Weekend for Change
Activities Also Planned for Election Day
This is it: this weekend will be the last to make a difference for the 2008 elections. The next few days are critical and we need your help to get the word out.
Please join No on Prop 102, Wingspan, Equality Arizona and Arizona Together this weekend, Nov. 1-2, in a final blitz before election day:
  • Talk to all of your friends, families, co-workers, church members, and strangers. Simply talk to everyone you know and ask them to please vote NO on Prop 102. Tell them how this amendment, if passed, will affect you and the people you love.
  • Pick up yard signs at Wingspan to distribute throughout town in the most visible cross-streets. If you do this, please note where you placed the signs so you can return and take the signs down after the elections. Also, be sure to place these in public easeways and not on private lawns.
  • Pick up Vote No on 102 literature at Wingspan and distribute these door-to-door in your neighborhoods. No need to knock or ring doorbells, just place them on the doors. Also, volunteer to hand out the literature at your local strip mall, church or on college campuses.
  • Join this weekend's neighborhood walks for progressive political candidates. To walk neighborhoods for the Grijalva/Obama campaign, email Deya here. To canvas neighborhoods for LD26 candidates (Cheryl Cage, Don Jorgensen and Nancy Young Wright), call Ashley, at (520) 797-3032. Please feel free to look up and support any candidate who is opposed to Proposition 102. You may also want to contact the Pima County Democratic Party Office to join one of their neighborhood walks, (520) 326-3716.

If you are in or near Maricopa County, join Statewide Weekend for Change through Equality Arizona by signing up here.

We are also planning activities for election day. If you have time that day to hand out literature at key election sites (outside the 75-foot limit), please send an email to Becky. We will send out information about planned election day activities soon.


No on Prop 8 = No on Prop 102
View and Forward these Ads
Check out these new vote NO on Prop 8 ads in California and see the parallels we face in Arizona. Share this email with your friends and families so that they too can see why it is important to vote No on Prop 102 in Arizona and No on Prop 8 in California.

Thank You for Your Donations
Your Donations Helped Create These Ads
Thank you for your donations, large and small. Political contributions are not tax deductible, so we know every dollar you donated in this campaign was a heartfelt dollar in support of defeating this amendment.
Visit No on Prop 102's web site to listen to the radio ads your donations helped create. You can also watch Arizona Together's TV ad and some of our favorite videos here.
No on Prop 102 is planning a celebration on the eve of election day. More details soon.

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