Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote for Equality on November 4

Dear Friends,

To fight Proposition 102 this election cycle, GLAAD has been advocating for fair, accurate, and inclusive media coverage of our community that opens people's eyes to the common ground we all share. We all know how powerful the media is during an election season – that's why we have been doing more than ever.

Our opponents have been working too and have rallied anti-gay activists to turn out in huge numbers on Election Day by disseminating lies about our community. We need like-minded elected officials and supportive laws to achieve full equality.

It's your turn to make your voice heard.

Vote on November 4, 2008.

Call and e-mail everyone that you know and remind them to vote NO on Proposition 102 and support the Vote No on Prop 102 campaign. Only with your support can these campaigns continue to reach undecided voters with our messages.

Share your personal stories with friends in these states via phone calls, e-mails, Facebook updates, or blog entries. Let your friends and family know that by voting for these initiatives, or by not voting at all, they're preventing you and people like you from taking care of the one you love, visiting your husband or wife in the hospital, and making decisions for them in the case of a medical emergency.

VOTE ON NOVEMBER 4 and remind your family members and friends to support fairness and equality and not make it hard for gay and lesbian couples to take care of each other.

In service,

Neil Giuliano

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