Friday, October 31, 2008

Questions to Consider about Proposition 102 - By Mark R. Kerr

Should those fortunate enough to be in a loving, committed relationship and those couples with families be entitled to what rights, benefits and privileges listed under the Arizona State Constitution?

Can governmental entities recognize these relationships and families in the manner they choose to do so, under their respective ordinances, statutes or state constitution and do such couples have the right to choose these options if they are created and offered?

Those in relationships, who filed legal paperwork, under the guidelines set down by the state constitution or statute to have their relationship recognized, as well as drafting a will or medical powers of attorney, have these documents stand up in a court of law in Arizona?

Is every citizen in Arizona entitled to due process under the law, regardless, as stated in the constitution, Arizona laws and local ordinances?

Do governmental entities have the right to extend medical and dental benefits to all of the families of their employees under the provisions set down under Arizona’s constitution and the respective laws and ordinances on the legal books?

Private businesses that extend benefits to the families of their employees, be able to continue doing so in Arizona, as well as doing business with the state, county or a local government?

Shall every citizen in Arizona, be entitled to the protections, rights, benefits and privileges listed in the state constitution or statute, as well as the ordinances drafted and adopted by local governmental entities, regardless of their race, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity, perceived or otherwise?

As society changes and develops, can local, county and state draft ordinances, regulations and laws dealing with the ever-changing aspects as set down by the state constitution, statute or their respective charter?

Will businesses (such as insurance companies) that recognize such couples or families with the benefits and privileges as they offer other “married” families, continue to do so if the constitution says otherwise or cease operating in Arizona?

Shall every citizen in the state be afforded the right to work, own property, start a business, pay taxes, worship or not, vote, and participate in all aspects of the community, regardless of their race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, perceived or otherwise?

If Proposition 102 is approved by voters on November 4, these won’t be questions but the facts all Arizonans will face, regardless of if they are in a relationship or not, their financial status or whatever reason. If this attempt by radical right theocrats to enshrine discrimination succeeds, as it did in Michigan (thanks to Proposition 102 proponents, the Alliance Defense Fund filing suit, equating marriage and domestic partnerships as well as other states, we all will have no rights and economics, comfort, age or otherwise won’t help since everyone will lose if Proposition 102 is approved.

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