Friday, October 17, 2008

Look A Little Familiar? - By Mark R. Kerr

Florida's measure on the November ballot pertaining to governmental and legal recognition of same-sex marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships, by amending the state constitution is Amendment 2. The proponents website is located online at

Here is there latest ad running on television in Florida, according to a news story in

On Arizona's ballot, the measure is known as Proposition 102, which would bar governmental and legal recognition of same sex marriage by amending the state constitution. The proponents of Proposition 102 are Yes For Marriage and their website is located at

Here is the television ad which has been running in Arizona.

More to follow on this developing story.

(Update 10/18/08- 9:28 a.m.) - The first ad from Florida says at the end paid for and sponsored by "" and the Arizona ad is paid for by supporting Prop.102.

So how then two state issues can have the same video, audio but with a slightly altered script? Are Floridian's paying for Arizona's ad or vice versa. According to the campaign finance reports for (Arizona Proposition 102), a firm called Design4 Advertising, with the address given of 106 N. Collins St., in Plant City, Florida, has received a total of $2,309,000 (with the last installment on 8/29/08) for "communications - advertising." When one searches for this firm on the Internet nothing turns up but if you Google, "Design4" and "Marketing," the following turns up for this firm: "Design4 Marketing Communications," eighteen years of applying modern media to a timeless message in service to national Christian ministries, public policy organizations and issue advocacy groups," and are located at 106 N. Collins St., in Plant City, Florida. This is the only page on this website.

So how then can two different campaigns, similar issue, two to three time zones apart have the same ad, if proponents of such measures are donating?

Even more to follow.

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