Sunday, October 26, 2008

Five Reasons To Vote No On Prop. 102

(In case you are asked over the next week on this issue. Here is a quick primer from Arizona Together on this.)

1. Vote NO - keep politicians out of marriage. Arizona has a budget deficit and our schools need help. But what does the state legislature spend their time debating? Marriage—even though it’s already defined in state law as between a man and a woman and even though we voted on this two years ago.

2. Vote NO - tell the politicians that we aren’t dumb. Why won’t politicians listen to us? Do they think we’re dumb? In 2006 we voted no, now they are back at it, putting divisive issues on the ballot. We must stop spending time debating the definition of marriage.

3. Vote NO - tell politicians to get to work on real issues that matter to Arizona families. Voting on the marriage issue isn’t important to people, we must focus on more important issues: health care, immigration, energy policy, the economy.

4. Vote NO - leave marriage alone. Marriage in Arizona is already defined in state law as between a man and a woman. There’s no reason to change the Constitution.

5. Vote NO again. Trust the people. Voters made their views known on the issue of marriage two years ago by defeating the so-called “Protect Marriage Amendment.” Forty nine legislators should not be able to overturn the voters on this issue.

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