Sunday, October 19, 2008

Arizona Daily Star On Prop. 102 - NO

(From their Sunday, October 19 edition.)

Prop 102:


Marriage amendment

Proposition 102 is a divisive, discriminatory initiative that would threaten to erode the rights of same-sex couples if approved.

Arizona voters rejected a similar — though more far-reaching — proposition in 2006.
Furthermore, this proposition isn't needed because state law already defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The state law has been challenged and upheld in court.

At best, Proposition 102 is an effort to keep same-sex couples from ever having the right to marry in Arizona. At worst, it is the first step toward possibly ending legal benefits for people who are in same-sex relationships.

Many large companies in Arizona offer gay couples the same kind of benefits afforded to heterosexual couples. If Proposition 102 passes, conservative activists could attempt to take away those benefits based on their opinion that gay marriages are wrong.

A good reason to reject this proposition can be found in Michigan. That state's voters passed a similar constitutional amendment in 2004. Once the new definition of marriage became part of Michigan's Constitution, court actions resulted in the loss of domestic-partner benefits for state employees by 2007.

Proponents of Proposition 102 argue that it will protect marriage. We ask, protect it from what? Do gay unions threaten heterosexual marriages? We don't believe so.

We see Proposition 102, fundamentally, as an attempt by conservatives to legislate morality. We urge a "no" vote on Proposition 102 and hope we don't see a similar measure in 2010.

(From Box Turtle Bulletin.)

The Arizona Daily Star joins these newspapers in opposing Proposition 102:

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Anonymous said...

The Arizona Republic also opposes Prop 102.

This is the first time in my memory that such a blatant attack against the US Constitutions First Amendment is taking place. The US Constitution states very plainly that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. By virtue of that statement and the subserviance of the State Contitution, neither can State legistatures. More to the point the people are forbidden to merge state and religions as a single unit.
Hence, the imposition of religious doctrine, dogma and beliefs into any law or constitution is strictly prohibited. Seperation of church and state has been a defining feature of our way of life and as we have seen during our short 200+ year history our society has weeded the inequalities of race and sexism out of our laws and culture. It is now time to continue to cull the inequalities of gender prejudice out of our laws and culture as well.
As it exists the process of creating a state recongnized contract of union between two people IS A STATE ISSUED AND OVERSEEN PROCESS. A couple goes to the state for a license to be joined in a civil contract. They then go to an offical approved by the state to consummate the contract. The couple returns to the State to have the contract recorded. Never once do the couple have to go to a religious organization to have their contract of marriage approved. Having a religious ceremony/rite called marriage performed by a memeber of the clergy is the option of the couple and exclusivly their constitutional right to have performed. The US Constitution and the Arizona Contituiton guarantee that right.

Further, the current law as well as Prop 102 are in violation of several parts of the State Constitution so if this Prop 102 is passed it will immediately be appealed as well it should be.

Prop 102 is an attempt to codify religious docrine into the State Constitution in violation of EVERONES RIGHTS.

Vote NO on Prop 102

Keep Religion out of Government and Government out of Religion.