Sunday, August 3, 2008

CAP Crap Over the Airwaves

Proposition 102's proponents is the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), an ultra-conservative, homophobic organization, which has written, despite their convenient memory lapse, Arizona's laws on marriage, known as Arizona DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), ARS (Arizona Revised Statutes) 25-101 and 25-112.

CAP has radio broadcasts mainly on right wing, religious radio stations across Arizona and have been purporting lies about same-sex marriage, how Arizona is under legal threat despite the court ruling in Standhardt V. Superior Court, which CAP and their minions claim this precedent setting case was just a technicality. CAP also compares committed, loving, same-sex relationships to a Heinz commercial in England and claim that New Jersey and New Mexico allow same-sex marriage despite the fact only California and Massachusetts currently do so.

To listen to these "commentaries," go to CAP's web page, then after which, go to the No on Propostion 102 website and sign up to volunteer and give a donation to help end CAP's crap!!!

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