Saturday, July 12, 2008

So This Is How Gays and Lesbians Will Be Treated With A President McCain?

Pictured here is Alabama Attorney General, Republican Troy King, who is known for extremist views on religion and who has frequently made homophobic statements, including calling Gays the “downfall of society,” is the subject of rumors that his wife recently discovered him having sex with another man.

King was part of the Alabama Team Leadership Page for the McCain Presidential Campaign, until he was "scrubbed" from the site just like former Florida Republican state Representative Bob Allen but digressing.

As Pam Spaulding from Pam's House Blend blog put it "Republican Sexual Hypocrisy looks to be another fruitful area for interesting reporting in 2008, so I guess McSame wants to take the proactive path and 'convict' the highly anti-Gay King, who is rumored to have been booted by his wife for engaging in homo-sex with a male staffer. There has been no confirmed admission by King; the Attorney General's office denied the rumors of the affair and said King had no plans to resign."

For more information, go online here, here and of course, here which leaves one wondering WWLD?

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