Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Interim Pastor at Water of Life MCC

TUCSON (Observer Update) - The Reverend William H. Knight, D.D., presents his second sermon, Sunday, July 13, 10:15 a.m., at Water of Life (WOL), Metropolitan Community Church, 3269 N. Mountain.

“For me, church is not an isolated group of people operating without relationship to their surroundings. Becoming part of a community includes an invitation to share our talents and resources and to mutually use our potential to heal our community and country,” said Knight.

Knight will serve as the Interim Pastor, his first time to serve MCC, and will assist WOL in it's search for a new pastor. With 23 years experience, serving as assistant minister, he studied the guiding principles of Jesus while at Better Living Church in Los Angeles, California. He will lead the search but he is not allowed to be a potential candidate. His plan is to help WOL understanding principles to evaluate its challenges and needs. He delivered a powerful message with several outbursts of applause after prayers and during the sermon.

For additional information, call (520) 292-9151 or visit http://www.wolmcc.org.

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