Thursday, July 31, 2008

Join the Fight Against Prop 102: A Call to Action from Jason Cianciotto, Wingspan Executive Director

When the AZ Senate passed yet another anti-marriage amendment — now known as proposition 102 — late on June 27th, Wingspan immediately responded with a press release and message of hope and victory.

On Monday June 30, a group of dedicated community members and supporters, many of whom were involved in the successful fight against the last anti-marriage amendment, Prop 107, came together at Wingspan and began organizing and strategizing for this year's campaign.

Wingspan, your community center, was there from the very beginning, and we will continue to be a key partner in organizing against Prop 102.

Victory will require a coordinated, statewide campaign — a campaign that acknowledges and welcomes the diversity of organizations, communities and voices coming together to say no AGAIN to the politics of division in our state.

On July 14, that campaign, Vote No On Prop 102, was born out of the commitment of over 35 activists and leaders from across the state.

Over the past few weeks, many of you have asked me how you can be involved, whether through donating your time, expertise, or money to the campaign. The best way to become involved is to go to and sign up to receive information about how you can be a part of the campaign.

Whether through helping to organize events, hosting a house party, writing a letter to the editor, or making whatever donation you can, there is a place for you in this campaign, and I hope you'll join me by volunteering to become a part of Vote No on 102.

With just 98 days left until Election Day, I am filled with hope. Keep in mind that WE ALREADY WON in 2006. Our opponents are beginning their campaign at a distinct disadvantage. This is supported by polling data, which show that less than 50% of Arizona voters support Prop 102. Additionally, 55% of voters believe that religious and political activists in Arizona are pushing public policy too far to the right.

Please go to and sign up to become a part of this historic campaign.

On to Victory!

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