Thursday, July 10, 2008

Even More Bee Droppings: By Mark R. Kerr

For those in the Arizona Congressional District 8 television market, current Arizona Senate President and Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Tim Bee has started running ads for his campaign touting character, commitment and leadership.

In an interview published in today's (July 10) Arizona Daily Star Bee would not tell how he would vote on the measure on the upcoming November general election ballot that would enact a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as "a union between one man and one woman."

This is the state Senator who was the prime sponsor of the original bill introduced during this session of the Arizona Legislature, who allowed it to proceed through the process, decrying when the measure was changed in the Arizona House, and then approved the amending of another bill, dumping Vietnam Veterans (for whom one of his big endorsers Senator John McCain fought in) to engage in some political Gay and Lesbian bashing, being the sixteenth vote to put the measure on the ballot in this election year!

During this "interview" Bee blather's about the nasty tactics of the Center for Arizona Policy who were the "proponents" of this proposed state constitutional amendment this time since they couldn't get their measure, known as Proposition 107 approved in 2006 because the Arizona voters saw the political sham it was!

So then what was the point of this Tim? To gain political traction, votes and contributions for your ill-fated bid for the U.S. House, latching on to a "wedge" issue for your gain. To quote one of your big endorsers yet again, "that's not leadership we can believe in!"

For the record, in the same interview, current Member of Congress for Arizona Congressional District 8, Democrat Gabrielle Giffords expressed her opposition to any proposed such federal or state constitutional amendment on the subject.

During the interview, Tim Bee said that former Arizona Gay Republican Congressman, Jim Kolbe, who had announced his intentions to not publicly campaign for Bee will still be advising him on policy issues. To the Log Cabinites a question, "Shouldn't it be people and their rights over politics and economic gain?"

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