Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Colorful Life of Shellie Lynn, July 13

Wingspan’s “Colorful Life Series” features the interesting, exciting and sometimes unusual lives of LGBT people in our community.

Son, brother, husband, father, grandfather. Athlete, dishwasher, charter boat deck hand, gas station attendant, mechanic, advertising representative, sailor, sheet metal worker, teacher, advisor.. Jack Armstrong? Walt Cleaver? No, it is the essence of the pre-metamorphosis of Michelle Lynn.

Having transitioned at midlife, Michelle is now the spouse, parent, grandparent, sister, and friend she always knew she was behind the façade of who she was supposed to be. Now everyone else gets to know her too!

Everyone is welcome to this event, Sunday, July 13, at the Tucson Ward 6 Council Office, 3202 E. 1st Street. For more information, contact Penelope Starr at Wingspan, (520) 624-1779, or E-mail

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