Friday, July 18, 2008

Arizona Marriage Amendment Update: By Mark R. Kerr

A total of 11 measures (initiatives, referendum and proposed amendment to Arizona's constitution) will be on Arizona's general election ballot, taking place Tuesday, November 4.

Of the 11 proposals, one was placed by state commission, nine were through the petition process and the other proposal, the proposed state constitutional amendment to define marriage as "only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state," was placed on the ballot by the Republican controlled Arizona Legislature.

This proposed amendment will be on the ballot as Proposition 102.

Despite the craptacular reporting by Tucson's morning daily fishwrap, formal opposition to the proposition has been formed and a campaign will be mounted to defeat this ballot measure.

Herrod’s group has filed to raise funds in their effort to pass Proposition 102, the current name of the organization is Arizona for Marriage in favor of SCR 1042 and have a blog, espousing their “information.” CAP has a campaign website,

Despite the erroneous reporting in a recent Arizona Daily Star article, opposition has been formed, in the guise of the No on SCR 1042 committee, PO Box 25044, Phoenix 85002, Phone: (602) 650-0900. Barbara McCullough-Jones, executive director of Equality Arizona is the campaign’s current chair and Jason Cianciotto, the executive director of Wingspan is the Treasurer.

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