Friday, June 27, 2008

To The Log Cabin Republicans: By Mark R. Kerr

This is Patrick Sammon, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, the Gay and Lesbian Republican group which is supporting Arizona Senator John McCain for President.

Why are they since McCain is against LGBT civil rights, HIV/AIDS funding and research and governmental and legal recognition of same-sex relationships either as marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships?

Do they believe that Gays and Lesbians, who may be citizens of California, Florida and now Arizona, have the right to have their loving committed relationships recognized by the government too?

Well why then?!


Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland said...

Oh, yeah, the Democrats are jumping thru hoops and ladders for gays! Obviously, Mark had forgotten which party gave us 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' and DOMA!

Mark has also forgot the after the Democrauts pandered to the gay community, they bothced up the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and they haven't had ANY hearings on the repeal of DADT.

This is what a friendly political party does for gays?

The Observer said...

So answer the question do Florida, California and Arizona LGBT citizens count and deserve rights?!

The Defense of Marriage Act was introduced by then Republican Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia in an election year move, 1996.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell's" main writer was Virginia Senator John Warner.

So Obama's campaign holds open meetings while the Log Cabin's were a secret affair perhaps in a closet or a small room?

Again, answer the question, do the Log Cabin Republicans believe that LGBT citizens of California, Florida and Arizona deserve rights?