Monday, June 2, 2008

SCR 1042 Update By Mark R. Kerr

Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR 1042), the proposed state constitutional amendment by Cathi Herrod, Peter Gentala and the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), that would define marriage and prohibit legal and governmental recognition of civil unions or domestic partnerships (as the court case in Michigan showed), is not on the schedule for consideration by the Arizona Senate.

According to the Senate's floor calendar, SCR 1042 is not on the third reading or the final reading calendars. If you haven't or know of someone who hasn't let their Senator know what a travesty this is, either go online or send them here.

Yes, thanks to the Republican leadership in both chambers, the Legislature continues to meet, drawing a check, while Arizona suffers economically.

Big kudos to Arizona Senate President Tim Bee, R-Tucson, who canceled a session of the Senate on May 27 to attend John McSame's super-secret fund raiser featuring Dubya!

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