Thursday, June 12, 2008

California Marriages and their impact in Arizona

In an E-mail, Equality Arizona the statewide LGBT rights organization wrote:

Next week, officials in California are expected to begin issuing
marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. This monumental
occasion will be celebrated by many throughout the country.

Equality Arizona has been fielding calls and emails from
community members who want to know what their legal rights are
if they get married, and what impact this will have in Arizona.
Together with national and local partners, including Wingspan,
Lambda Legal, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and many
others, we invite you to join us in a statewide town hall-style
conversation to discuss the history behind the California
ruling, the legal implications and limitations for Arizona
couples who marry in California, and the efforts to secure basic
rights (i.e. hospital visitation, funeral and burial rights,
medical decision-making, inheritance) for LGBT families in

We will follow up with details about the Town Hall expected to
take place in July. In the meantime, we encourage community
members to read a joint advisory issued by four LGBT legal
organizations and five other leading national LGBT advocacy
groups titled Make Change, Not Lawsuits. You can access the file

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