Thursday, May 15, 2008

Equality Arizona's Reaction To California Court Ruling

(The following is the official statement from Equality Arizona, in regard to the California Supreme Court Ruling overturning the state's ban on governmental and legal recognition of same-sex marriage).

In a historic decision, the California Supreme Court ruled today that California state law barring same-sex couples from marriage is a violation of the California Constitution. While Arizona's courts have already ruled that the Arizona statute prohibiting same-sex marriage does not violate Arizona's Constitution, today's ruling in California reminds us of the need to provide legal protections to unmarried couples in Arizona. Equality Arizona continues to advocate for the recognition of basic rights for unmarried couples, including hospital visitation, medical decision-making, funeral and burial arrangements, and inheritance.

To secure these legal protections, we must have an impact in this year's legislative elections and fight back against the efforts of Center for Arizona Policy to take away the rights of unmarried couples. They know that Arizona's law is safe, that Arizona's courts have already upheld the state law banning same-sex marriage. Yet, they continue to push their unnecessary, divisive, anti-domestic partner agenda on the rest of us.

In a letter opposing the April 1st approval of domestic partner benefits for state employees, the Center for Arizona Policy argued that recognition of domestic partnerships "undermines state policy in favor of marriage" and "equates non-marital relationships with marriage in violation of state policy."

It is CRUCIAL that we test messaging around their proposed anti-domestic partnership amendment. Earlier this week, we wrote you to let you know that Equality Arizona and Wingspan are working together to implement a strategic plan that tests the electorate to determine a winning message that will help us in November.

Our opponents are already trying to use today's ruling in California to attack Arizona families, so we need to take action now.

Equality Arizona is partnering with Wingspan to conduct this poll. So far, we are halfway to our goal of $30,000.

Please click here to make your contribution today!

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