Sunday, April 27, 2008

Last-minute Cancellation in Corrales Murder Case

The Amancio Project in Yuma, Arizona reports that for the third time, the meeting with the prosecutor's office to go over the details of the pending trial in the Corrales murder case has been postponed. Unlike previous times no reason was given. The new date for this repeatedly re-scheduled conference in now set for May 5, 2008, nearly three years to the day since the brutal murder of Amancio Corrales.

It has been over eleven months since the arrest of a suspect in this case. The latest delay was not issued until the morning of the meeting. Michael H. Baughman, the founder of the Project, received the cancellation call while en route to the meeting.

The last-minute cancellations add a burden of stress and lost wages to Amancio Corrales's family as they take time off of work and prepare each time for the scheduled meetings, which have been described by the prosecutor as "very emotional and stressful."

The Final Trial Management Conference (FTMC) is scheduled for July 16, 2008 and the Trial is scheduled to begin August 6.

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