Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arizona Marriage Amendment Update - SCR 1042 - Action Alert

The Arizona House of Representatives, acting as the Committee of the Whole, moved the anti-marriage amendment (SCR 1042) forward this afternoon (April 22). However, House leadership did not bring the bill up for a final House vote today. SCR (Senate Concurrent Resolution) 1042 will likely be scheduled for a vote as soon as tomorrow.

As mentioned before, Cathi Herrod has deployed the entire arsenal of the Center for Arizona Policy to pressure lawmakers to vote in favor of SCR 1042, which would put another divisive anti-marriage amendment on the ballot.

The work continues with legislative allies to fight SCR 1042 (this amendment). Your calls and E-mails to your legislators are having an impact. You can still help by:

1) If you have not sent an email to your state representatives, please visit http://eqfed.org/ct/77MA4p11xmHR/ to send a message now.

2) Please urge your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues,spiritual leaders, and other supporters to take action. You can forward our action alert to your list of supporters by visiting http://eqfed.org/ct/7pMA4p11xmHY/.

3) Please call your two State Representatives at 602-926-4221 or 1-800-352-8404 to urge them to vote no on SCR 1042, as amended. Urge them to keep this divisive amendment off the ballot. Your
calls are helping. Please continue to call, and get your friends
to call their representatives.

If you don't know who you your 2 State Representatives are, you
can call the capitol switchboard at 602-926-4221 or
1-800-352-8404 and tell them you live in
House District 30 and you would like to speak with both
of your representatives. Or, lookup your 2 State Representatives online at http://eqfed.org/ct/7dMA4p11xmHQ/. Then call the Arizona House of Representatives switchboard at
602-926-4221 or 1-800-352-8404 and ask to speak with your

Once you've called, please let us know how it went by sending an
E-mail to activists@equalityarizona.org.

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